Oney's Tree Farm | Christmas

The Oldest and Largest Tree Farm in Northern Illinois

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For Over 60 Years...
Christmas Memories & Traditions
Begin at Oney’s Tree Farm

Bundle up the family, including your leashed pet, for a romp through 60 acres of Christmas Trees. It doesn’t matter if you want a harvest-your-own, a pre-cut, or a tree with roots for later planting. We have every option to fit your lifestyle.

The hard part is deciding which one to choose out of nine different varieties. (Hint: decide WHO gets the final say-so before you come.)

Snowflakes tickle the nose, the scent of evergreen wafts in the air as Christmas Carols echo across the fields.  Laughter. Love. Joy.

Return to the festival area to see Mrs. Claus in her North Pole house.  Visit the bakery in the historic barn for lunch, or order our famous hot cinnamon rolls with a cup of hot cocoa. All warmed up and fed, it’s now time to shop for special ornaments and gifts.

Enter the handmade wreath room and breathe deep. Marvel at the beautiful ribbons and live bundles of decorations for the home. Consider the various garlands and let your creative inner child free.

Types of Christmas Trees:

We recommend Fraser and Concolor Fir or Scotch pine. We don't recommend Spruce Trees but we know many nationalities like them. This would include Colorado Spruce, Norway Spruce, Serbian Spruce, and Black Hills Spruce. Spruce trees will not be ribboned in the field.