Oney's Tree Farm | Christmas

The Oldest and Largest Tree Farm in Northern Illinois

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Plan Your Visit

Tips to make your visit more enjoyable.

Bring a tarp and bungee cords!

A tarp is essential to lay on the ground to cut the tree (and keep dry and clean). Use it to slide the treee to the hay wagon pickup area and to wrap the treee in for the trip home.

Dress for the Weather

Make sure everyone is dressed for the weather. Layer clothing and wear boots. Water-proof clothing may be required.

Bring a Bow Saw

Bring a bow saw if you have one. We have a saw shed if you want to borrow one of ours.

No Chain or Electric Saws

Electric saws and chain saws are NOT allowed anywhere on the farm! Please don't break the rules! we do not want to risk your injury.

Bring a Wagon

We have limited numbers of sleds to either haul out children or bring the tree back. If there's no snow and you have little ones - bring a wagon.

Bring a Tape Measure

bring a tape measure! Be sure you're getting the size that you need.